Hailing from the rich biodiversity forests of Perth Western Australia, Alie
n Wisdom (aka Powder Monkey) is both DJ and Producer. His music career expands back to early 2000 where he experienced psychedelic trance for the first time. Since then he has played and hosted some of Perth’s well known Australian Bush DOOF’s, amongst
travelling both nationally and internationally to play at these parties.
Alien Wisdom's sets can be best described as an Epicormic growth of the human subconscious. Within this element is where both organic sound and emotion meet - it rests on the grey space between the full on and the Progressive - Before the witching hour. Alien Wisdom's sets offer a diverse range of deep dark atmospherics, rolling emotional basslines, squelchy psychedelic leads and tribal percussion, which are the heartbeat of his sets. With these sounds and the combination of the right elements the epicormic sprouts of the subconscious will grow.