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Multidimensional Merge//compiled by Kloud Nin9// December 21, 2012 [Wave // MP3]


01 - QawaBeat - Furama
02 - Dr. Strangefunk -
Think Twice
03 - Merkaba -
04 - LuneCell - Tribal Technologie
05 - Ellis Thomas -
Mayan Mania
06 - Kloud Nin9 & Radioactive.Cake -
Multidimensional Merge
07 - Noise Pirates & Samas - Back To Jumanji
08 - Amuzing The Freak -
09 - Darkol Trinity -
Little Bodies, Great Souls
10 - Tijah & Onionbrain - Smoke Tower
11 - Otkun & Naaz -
12 - Xenoscapes -
The End Of The Old

Multidimensional fields of existing life cross through the space time continuum infinitely. Multidimensional humans are ones that consciously exist in many different realities at once. It is now, the age which has been written about, spoken and whispered about is upon us, the merging and blending of the different dimensional fields; therefore, the human body's full potential can be utilized. This is the evolutionary age of the multidimensional self: the self that can move with awareness as an active observer and co-creator in many different realities. The chosen producers promote this evolution by streaming in waves of pumping bass-lines and deep atmospheric grooves, activating knowledge that aids the metaphysical understanding of our true being.

Compiled by Kloud Nin9. Artwork by Soursweet. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. 1 mastered by QawaBeat. 3 mastered by Merkaba. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.

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