Hans Dunkelkammer -
Analgesic Underworld//June 02, 2015//
Wave // MP3]


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Analgesic Underworld is the debut release of Hans Dunkelkammer. As part of the "Zeitgeist.Kollektiv" based in Berlin and Dresden, Hans Dunkelkammer played different styles from Darkpsy, Forest, “Zenonesque” and Minimal to experimental chill-out music. Under the influence of the psy scene as well as the techno scene he developed an interesting mix of minimalistic and psychedelic sounds mainly between 130 BPM and 142 BPM. His first release represents a highly diversified choice of his music repertoire, which will keep evolving in the future.

Artwork done by
Marakas. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.