Radioactive.Cake -
Merger//February 05, 2015//
Wave // MP3]


Free album BUT if you buy it from Bandcamp, you will get 9 bonus tracks :)
"Instead of the usual singsong, let me explain why i made this is and what it means to me.
Was it time for a 4'th album ? YES ! Of course it was ! ...and this time around I came up with remixes of some of my favorite tracks from some of my favorite artists. I would do more if I could, if time allowed for it, but remember I got a couple more project to run and also this music label. But remixing has always been great fun to me and this, Merger, this puts 'old' works into a new perspective, these are new interpretation if you will. If you ask me, I'm convicend some of those 10 artists that are associated with this album - yes i count myself in :) - have massively influenced the music development in psytrance in pioneering a style, or call it a new horizon, and some of those are about to do it. I mean they have (and will) Influenced producers, upcoming as well as established ones, to look into this style and play around with it and also influenced listeners to accept and then respect and like this stuff. So this is my kind of tribute to those who paved the way and also to those who try to go further and build upon it."

There is a „little“ bonus if you get this from bandcamp for a few coins. I will simply double the number of tracks…I will add 9 other Radioactive.Cake tracks as a bonus. All stuff that has been for sale and on other albums or compilations. So on Bandcamp that will make a package of 18 tracks :)

Artwork done by
Yaroslavers. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.