Grub -
Mechanical Particles//January 06, 2014 [Bandcamp 2.50€] [Wave // MP3]


Three months are over and this turned into a free release :) You can still buy it from Bandcamp for cheap to support us.
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01 - Grub - Mechanical Entities
02 - Grub - Cellardoor
03 - Grub -
When Worlds Collide
04 - Grub - Toxic Agenda
05 - Grub -
06 - Grub -
Cloaking Device
07 - Grub -

Grub, André Sousa and "Psyjar" from Portugal, are an upcoming force in alternative progressive trance. Both have been doing single projects in the past but Mechanical Particles is their debut EP as Grub and it comes to you with dwelling rhythms, eerie atmospheres, pinches of morbidity and it works on your mind with great force.

Artwork done by Visophone. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.

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