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Sinister Grin//compiled by Variant//October 31, 2013 [Wave // MP3]


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01 - Tripinstumble - Bad Triplet
02 - Noctopulse - Trouble Helix
03 - Hedonix -
Tommy The Pig
04 - Minimal Criminal - Possessed By Papa Legba
05 - Ryanosaurus -
Dilation Time
06 - Jekyll -
07 - Kromagon - Feeding Hour
08 - Variant -
In Formation
09 - Krumelur -
Crazy Circle
10 - Grouch & Tom Cosm -
Switch Arms (Tomple2oon Remix)

Variant says…Sinister Grin is a selection of tripped out speaker seekers crafted by some of the tweakingest freaks of the quirky alternaprog mindspace.. Massive thanks to all artists for their efforts and being part of this spooky psydeshow of freqs! Also to Rado Javor for allowing me to use his amazing 'Pumpkin King' artwork.

G.T.Rec say…we're more than happy presenting you this blend of "psygressive" night and day-time sounds from all parts of the world.

Artwork by Rado Javor. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.

Pick - Minimum Orchestra