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Hypno.Tembr//compiled by Asygen//October 01, 2013 [Wave // MP3]


This is available for free for everybody, but if you feel like supporting us, you could buy this release from Bandcamp for cheap. We would absolutely appreciate that. And notice that we have an eye on you if you buy our stuff, in a positiv way ;) And occasionally we will send you a bonus if you pop up on a regular basis on our radar :)
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01 - Xenoscapes - Warp Fiend
02 - Preasterson feat CVuduist - Hypochondriacal Obsession
03 - The Greys -
04 - Phasenverschiebungen - No Fear
05 - Filt -
Space Travel
06 - The Mok -
07 - Hefty - Haunted
08 - Aewock -
Television Kontroll
09 - Flynt -
Soul Defense
10 - Minimal Criminal -
Kathaarians In Kira's Swamp (Bruno's Remix)
11 - Darkol Trinity -
Stars In My Tea

So here is release number 40 and we're proud to present a special gift from Asygen. He put something together for you, it's the Hypno.Tembr and it contains a nice blend of deep low tempo beats, progressive psychedelia and some forcing dark psytrance. Asygen is our label DJ from Russia, check him out at If you appreciate a few new names in your collection and want to hail some old ones, download this and play it out loud :)

Artwork by Meskalinerush. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.

Pick - Minimum Orchestra
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