Ashtoz -
Magus Land// September 06, 2013 [Bandcamp] [Wave] [MP3]


This is available for free for everybody, but if you feel like supporting us, you could buy this release from Bandcamp for cheap. We would absolutely appreciate that. And notice that we have an eye on you if you buy our stuff, in a positiv way ;) And occasionally we will send you a bonus if you pop up on a regular basis on our radar :)
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01 - Ashtoz - Asha
02 - Ashtoz -
Beshno Az Ney
03 - Ashtoz -
Children Of The Sun
04 - Ashtoz - Choga Zanbil
05 - Ashtoz -
06 - Ashtoz -
One World…Different Perceptions
07 - Ashtoz & Loki - Anahita

Here starts our new concept, this is the first of a series of releases that will be sold on Bandcamp for a while and then later become a free download. It's Ashtoz with their debut album Magus Land. So if you think Ashtoz are worth being supported get this from Bandcamp…if not, just wait until it becomes a free download in 6 months.

It was back in 2010 when Ataro and Babak (aka Akasha) decided to start a unique "Forrest Progressive" project. With Ataro having experience on the high tempo rhythms and Babak on the low tempo grooves, the pair instantly hit it off and created what you find here. A unique, driving and forcing sound, quite heavy and "forresty" as they would describe it. So get this and go mental !

Artwork by Splund. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. All rights reserved.

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