VA -
Age Of Deceit//compiled by Flynt // August 05, 2013 [Wave // MP3]


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01 - Sigil - Wunch Of Bankers
02 - Flynt -
The Age Of Deceit
03 - Reflection -
Leaving Planet Earth
04 - LuneCell - Real
05 - Krystal Skulls -
06 - Hypogeo -
Video Drome Signal (Radioactive.Cake Remix)
07 - Pick - Yo Mama Told You (Vaeya Remix)
08 - SourOne -
Warpgate Blueprints
09 - Flynt -
Babylon Falling

This collective of world renowned artists have set out to expose the corrupt, the lies, and blow the top off conspiracies both new and old with this eclectic blend of deep, dark, and groovy meltdown. The truth is out there. This Is the Age of deceit……
Compiled by Flynt.

Artwork by Flynt. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.

Pick - Minimum Orchestra