SourOne -
Beyond The Beyond// May 18, 2013 [Wave // MP3]


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01 - SourOne - Emisja Oka
02 - Space Sugar -
Silence (SourOne Remix)
03 - SourOne -
Fork Yourself
04 - SourOne - Beyond The Beyond

By now you already know that we do some special things in May/June 2013 and so here comes SourOne again, this time with a package of more IDM like tunes. We think he's a master of complex sound structure and complex arrangement and you haven't heard his deep and more chilled kind of glitch-hop yet, just try it :)

Artwork created by AniDendelion, edited by Benja Tkalii. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.

Samples anyone ? Sure, just below :) And for those who consider donating, to make sure everything keeps running, you can also get this from Bandcamp for 2 €.
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