Xenoscapes -
Atmosflare// May 7, 2013 [Wave // MP3]


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01 - Xenoscapes - Exosphere
02 - Xenoscapes -
Lucys Slip
03 - Xenoscapes -
Meta Intelligence
04 - Xenoscapes - Perceptual Isolation

Xenoscapes brings you into a new age of exploration through inner space, with his new Ep. Atmosflare.
Benny Mcgrigor has been experimenting with this style of electronic listening music for some time now on the outskirts of his better known dark techno and prog productions. Glitchy Tonic Records, having released his first steady beat album, now brings you the first tastes of this new style.
Keeping the deep atmospheres that are the signature of his sound, Benny has worked a range of new ideas in to this project. Experimenting more with glitchy, broken beat sounds and incorporating a moody melodic element to expand on the Xeno flavour.
This should be a new, different, and more chilled delight to the ears of those willing to enter into the ever evolving realms of the Xenoscapes.

Artwork by Benny McGriggor. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.

Samples anyone ? Sure, just below :) And for those who consider donating, to make sure everything keeps running, you can also get this from Bandcamp for 2 €.
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