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At the age of 6, Manuel Hermsen started his way in music by learning piano. 10 years later he recorded his first compositions on his computer. After school he studied piano and music theory at "Universität der Künste" in Essen/Germany. Until he finished in 2010, Manuel got in contact with a bright and colourfull spectrum of music, and then he discovered psychedelic trance music... Creating auditive landscapes, "painting pictures on silence" and combining different styles of music, became the recipe of pHaSenVerScHiEbunGeN... Next to Debussy, Bach, John Cage, and other classic composer, Manuel got most inspired by artists from Zenon-Records, like Sensient, Hellquist Merkaba, Pspiralife... The result is a special mix between Trance, Techno and (classical) minimal music. In nearly every song you can find phaseshiftings (on German: phasenverschiebungen) in different patterns/layers, which create a deep, hypnotic atmosphere and gave this unique project its name...

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