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Radioactive.Cake & Zeitgeist & Munstrous & Dark Passenger //Germany

Radioactive.Cake and Zeitgeist, both projects of Berlin based producer Robert Hundt, were started in 2009 who also founded the label and runs it since September 2009.
Zeitgeist started and Dark Passenger were started in 2010.

Music style ? Robert would describe the Radioactive.Cake stuff as "psygressive" or "zenonesque" trance based on a tempo around 137-140 beats. What he does with Zeitgeist is even more daytime alternative progressive, daytime zenonesque, he's trying to put together parts of different genres like Techno and Trance, also Electro(nica), Breaks, Funk or Jazz but still keeping it danceable around 130-133 beats.
Munstrous ? Definitely Psychedelic Minemalia...or...? Hard to put into a category. It's slow pace, it's between dreamy and groovy, it's got techno-ish elements as well as progressive trance in it.
And at last, for now, Dark Passenger is Robert's Downbeat project. But it's a mixture with many influences from Jazz, Funk, Psybient, Ambient, Dub, TripHop and so on.

Looking for more insight ? There is an intview from DJ Boga for Radio Schizoid ?
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Artist website (with all four projects, music and lots of "give-aways") (download press kit)
Radioactive.Cake on Facebook
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