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ProPsyLes//USA (Wisconsin)

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Leszek Klimek, better known to his friends as Les, started his journey with music at the beginning of the century. Seven years later and with some help from a friend, Machi, Les was spinning progressive trance in Milwaukee's most popular night clubs. Soon after he became involved with the local underground psychedelic music scene and the Chilluminati, and in October 2008 he played his first psy set at Crystal Sky in northern Wisconsin.
In 2010 ProPsyLes met Brandon thegimp Standal - dj, producer, and founder of Plush Records. They quickly joined forces and with help from local friends and artists they successfully organized some of the best indoor events in the area: BabyPlush 1, 2, & 3, Cosmic Pulse, and a weekly aboveground night, TRIBE.
In the meantime his musical tastes matured; after hearing zenonesque he became addicted. Although Les is very familiar with all styles of psychedelic, and has roots playing psytech, full-on, and progressive, zenonesque has become his passion. If it's dark, foresty, minimal, and groovy, you'll catch Les on the dance floor.
Les' experience includes working with the Chilluminati from 2008 to the present on most of their parties, with Plush Records on their previously mentioned ventures, played dozens of club nights and has shared the stage with international artists like Ajja, Electrypnose, Terrafractyl, Radioactive Cake, Primordial Ooze, Chromaton, Mubali and Random.

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