HypoGeo is by definition : whatever origins, grows and evolves under the ground.
This description perfectly fits his music : deep, obscure, hypnotic, mental, psychedelic, taking shades through his musical backround: extreme metal, industrial/ebm, new wave/post punk, techno , idm & darkambient.

In may 2012 HypoGeo releases his first full length album "Tree of Lies" with Zenon records, the widely known Melbourne based label.
The album is a huge success by critics and fans of this particular sound, known as "psygressive" a genre that embraces heavy sounds on lower bpm , taking HypoGeo to play at the biggest festivals of the world such as : Boom Festival , Tree of Life , Freqs of Nature , Indigo Festival, Solaris pro. , Transylvania calling and many many more to come on 2013 .

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