Psychedelic Minemalia - Psygressive - Dark Prog

Head of this label is Radioactive.Cake (aka Zeitgeist // Munstrouns // Dark Passenger)

Explore our catalogue of psygressive trance and dark prog, almost all of it is free to download and some music is to buy for fair prices via Bandcamp. We also appreciate your feedback a lot, if you have something to say or show, get in touch with us via glitchy.tonic(at)

Hey folks.
Looks like the European Union has changed their law on VAT in 2015. We would have to register for VAT and pay that tax for every income from european music sales. So for us that means we cannot keep on selling music. Selling music on Bandcamp was our way to give you a chance to donate to our mission by buying a release from Bandcamp. We were financing our web-service and paying out artists with the money generated from the sales. No we won't have that any more. If you still consider supporting us with a few euros, please use our donation feature on the website.

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